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Turnkey Projects


Turnkey Solutions for Paperless Office

The time has changed where everything used to go on paper and that not only had the risk of damage, tear, steal, burn; but there was another headache behind it about its Storage and handling. With our Turnkey solutions you can reduce the requirement for paper from the office significantly, leading to reduced operational cost & better physical space management.

Our solutions are ready to use out of the box, i.e. there is no need to further customize them to make them ‘fit in’ with your office servers. We provide you the solutions that are readily deployable into your business.

With our turnkey solutions, things like configuration, integration & troubleshooting of hardware & software become things of the past. Saving your time & money in the long run & increasing the efficiency of your business from the word go.

Our paperless office solutions save your precious office space, money & increase the efficiency of your business. This leads to better manpower management as well, as the requirement of maintaining & managing physical documents is reduced significantly.

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