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Event Conceptualization


A lot of thought process goes into event conceptualization. The success of an event depends on how well the event was planned & executed. We at ABSTech provide a comprehensive solution to planning your event. We believe an event well planned is half the job done!


We help you visualize the vision of your event. By visualizing you start the creative process for your event. We create your perfect event by understanding the desired atmosphere, feel and outcome. By gaining a thorough understanding of your ideas and applying our extensive knowledge, we lay the foundation for a successful event.

Key Areas where we work with you for your event

  • Occasion
  • Theme
  • Event Date/Time
  • Type & number of visitors
  • Venue
  • Audio/Visual needs
  • Lighting & Decor
  • Vendor Management


We ensure we meet your budget target for the event. With our expertise, we help you spread the budget across different parameters of the event. This ensures that you don’t spend more than that is required on a particular thing.


Our team offers you a varied collection of designs & themes for your event. We chalk our detailed plan with you giving life to your event. From concept art to stage plans slowly you start seeing your event come to life.

Resource Management

We work with different stakeholders like vendors, staff, vehicles, premises, etc. This cohesiveness & efficiency leads to your event happening smoothly.


After planning everything & we review everything with you. This ensures that you are satisfied with all the finer details & if there are any last-minute changes we try to accommodate them in the event. In the end, we intend to meet your expectations.