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B2B, B2C Web Development


Now it is becoming difficult to gain an edge over the competitors in the world of eCommerce. B2B/B2C web portals are designed to provide a variety of services including news, Web searches, discussion groups, shopping, and email links to other sites.

Our web portal solution is a website on the internet to provide a custom made capability to their visitors. However, the needs of a consumer and the needs of a business tend to differ. As such, the amount of detail, and the UX and design needs are not consistent between B2B and B2C sites. The typical sales cycle for B2C is much shorter than for B2B.

ABSTech enhancing the user experience through the design is a continuing activity for successful B2C websites. We offer Custom B2C-B2B web portal development services at affordable prices just according to your business requirements.

Key Features of B2B/ B2C Web Portal Solutions:

  • Dynamic Site Content Editing
  • Contacts Functionality
  • News / Event Posting
  • Information Functionality
  • Discussion forums Functionality
  • B2B portal development
  • Website Search Functionality
  • Backend /Administration Functionality
  • Assigning access rights to User Groups
  • Managing Website Structure

How We Deliver the Best

Our dynamic team comprises all necessary skillset and experience to provide you the best Portal experience possible. The web portals we create can provide your customers with engaging and dynamic user experience, enhancing the value of your brand and the reputation of your business.