Scanning & Archiving

Document Scanning & Imaging Services

Our state of the art scanning facility provides fast image scanning and archiving services while protecting your valuable information backed by a confidentiality agreement. We provide an easy and fast way to store your files and documents electronically. The conversion of your files allows you to retrieve your files within seconds from your desktop and without having to refile once you have finished with the information. Scanning and storing your files in an electronic format reduces storage costs and creates space for more productive use. Geographically we can cover the whole of the India and with digital technologies, location is becoming less of a concern.

The Scanning Process

We can take care of the whole process of scanning your documents, from preparing the documents and files for scanning, scanning and indexing, to finally either Shredding, Storing, or safely returning the files to you.

Usually we will need to arrange a meeting at your office where we can see your files and estimate the totals that we think that you have and discuss how you use the documents and how a digital scanning solution will best work for your organisation. We can also prepare a sample and a demonstration and provide a formal proposal document. Our Document Scanning Service utilises sophisticated Document Scanners which provide exceptional image quality from documents that are often very low contrast and in a poor condition. The paper feeding system on the Document Scanners is one of the best in the industry. These scanners are perfect for document scanning services.

Turn around times can be tailored the scanning project requirements. We do plenty of large-scale scanning projects.

Scanning Resolution

Generally we find that most document capture projects can be scanned at 200dpi (dots per inch), this keeps file sizes at a good level and provides good definition and clarity. Sometimes higher resolutions such as 400dpi can bring in unnecessary speckle, though sometimes small detail simply needs a high resolution to be captured. Once we understand the project that you have and the documents involved we can suggest a resolution that would be suitable. If the files are going to be OCR searchable, 200dpi is still usually sufficient, there seems to be a rule of thumb that OCR should be performed on files at 300dpi which is certainly possible, though with our combination of scanners and OCR conversion software 200dpi provides results that are the same, in fact sometimes better than 300dpi.

On-site Scanning

We appreciate that some paper documents are very sensitive, because of this we offer off-site document scanning services at our premises and on-site at your premises. So we will bring the scanning facility, people, expertise and all the scanning hardware to you. In highly secure scanning environments, upon completion of the project, we can remove all hard drives from our systems and hand them over to you, so no data needs to leave site.

PDF/A Compliance & OCR

Searchable text/OCR text is becoming more and more popular when scanning documents. Once a document is scanned, the text that is on the scan can be automatically recognised and stored so that the data can be searched at a later date. The best example of this is the use of PDF searchable files. Using the standard Acrobat Reader, an entire archive of searchable PDF files can be searched. Acrobat will then provide a results list of all the recognised occurrences of the word (or number) searched for. During normal viewing, the user is presented with the original document scan, the searchable text that was recognised on the document scan is stored behind the scan layer. The recognised text can also be copied out and pasted into an application such as MS Word where is can be edited as a normal Word document. This forms part of our document scanning service and is a highly cost effective way of creating a very effective solution.

The searchable PDF files can also have an Acrobat Catalogue built, this makes search large volumes of searchable text files much faster by combining the search data into a database.

We also offer OCR/Optical Character Recognition Services, where we scan the original document and return the file as both a Word document and also a searchable PDF.

Indexing of Scanned Docuemnts

Once the scanning of documents is complete, they usually need to be indexed. The exact document scanning/indexing requirements will depend mainly on your needs. In general we find that is is not necessary to spend thousands of pounds on an amazing document management system, of which 99.9% of the functionality you will not use or need. Generally, a simple index, using the index fields as the filename is more than sufficient, for example; 38489_Scanning and Data Solutions.pdf, where 38489 may be a contract number and Scanning and Data Solutions the client. The fields that need to be indexed will be discussed so that we can create a full specification for your scanning job.

Some clients may already have a Document Management System or database that they wish to get scanned documents into or linked to. We can also provide scan data and index data in numerous formats, for example; Comma Separated (.CSV), MS Excel, Ms Access, Text.


The scan and index information can be returned on CD ROM/DVD or loaded to our FTP server complete with Archiver search, view, print software which can be easily configured for network access and well as local CD based access. Disks containing the scanned documents are encrypted to AES256 standards.