CG Based Videos

CG Based Videos

CG based videos have been a breakthrough in the world of advertising & promotion. They provide great control over production of a video. With the advent of modern software & hardware the projects are now far more cost effective. At ABSTech, with our experienced teams you can be rest assured that project deadlines are met without compromising the quality of content.

Our Services :
  • TV Commercials
  • Web Video Production
  • Line Production
  • Animated Commercials
  • Motion Graphics
  • VFX
Advantage ABSTech :
  • Quality of work
    With our experienced team quality is never a problem. Having knowledge of all the modern techniques & trends you are rest assured that the final product will not just meet your expectation but go far beyond it.

  • Greater Production Value
    CG based videos give a greater control over the flow of video. Backgrounds, foregrounds can be easily manipulated. You want a natural looking background no problem! It doesn’t look good & want to compare with something animated? Done! This greater control enables us to deliver great production value & gives us control over several elements of video making process.

  • Hassle Free Work
    You are assured of not facing any hassles during the production of the video. We discuss with you the purpose of making the video. If you have idea we note them down & even if you don’t have ideas we bring them to the table. Once the style & script of video is finalized you can be assured to have quality content delivered to you.

  • Cost Effectiveness
    Our services are very competitively priced. You would pleasantly surprised to see our quality content & its pricing. Give us a call & discuss your project with us!